Famous quotes heard round West End

Try and guess who made these quotes, maybe these will be submitted for Quizzo night!

"Hey does anyone here have Alexas? (sounds like Lexus)"
"No but I have a Cadillac"

"I'm too old to be a slut"
"You're never too old to be a slut"

"Real boaters like mud"

"This is my 1st beer since my last one"

"Go ahead and go to the boat club, don't let me interfere with your alcoholism!"

"Stop texting me, it's too hard drinking and driving and texting!"

"He says he slings it but he doesn't!"

"They call him Slingbone"

"I gotta pee, don't make me guzzle, I'm really missing my dog!"

To Judy: Mary do you hear what I said? From Judy: No, I'm Judy

"The DRYL pics has my lip prints all over his bum"

"I miss my dog and my pants are soaking"

"I'm chafing"

"I'm so glad I live close to home"

"I may as well keep on drinking, it's not going to get any better..."

"We had a good night last night, what does she expect, 2 nights in a row?"

"Ron looked at my unit"

"There's 2 things I know: divorces and porno"

"I thought you said the tender gay boy! (Nintendo Game Boy)"

"Don't be talkin' bout Pat!"

"Sue, before you leave, can you do me?"

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